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Our meetings

Meet the Life Sciences is a project for sharing, spreading and enhancing Tuscan regional strategies in the field of research and innovation in life sciences. A cycle of encounters thought up to stimulate dialogue on issues, action, opportunities and results between institutions, the health service, universities, businesses and freelancers in the sector.

But what are life sciences? All those disciplines that study living organisms, from viruses to human beings. They form a multi-disciplinary field that sees the development and collaboration of both classic sciences, like biology and physiology and also frontier sciences, like structural biology and nanobiotechnology, with all the ensuing social, ethical and economic implications.

Health, agriculture, medicine and nutrition are just some of the sectors where life sciences find application, working synergically to improve the quality and standards of people’s lives. Meet the Life Sciences will cover all of this in a platform where ideas and paths, good practice and projects interweave to help the exchange of experience and knowledge, the birth of new directions and flowing of ideas.

Participation, sharing, interaction and dynamics are the keywords for these meetings, thought up for ‘sector operators’, but open and accessible to anyone wanting to approach the universe of life sciences and the challenges that await. With this aim in mind, social media represent a valid ally.

There are three Meet the Life Sciences events: the Annual Day, a sort of General Assembly of life sciences in Tuscany, themed Focus on that analyse specific issues and projects and Afternoons of Innovation, gatherings for networking and stimulating dialogue on strategies, actions and tools.

“Three steps” in the universe of life sciences for encountering a continually evolving world packed with opportunities and continual evolution.







Distretto Toscano Scienze della Vita The Tuscan Life Sciences District is the regional cluster that groups the companies and public/private system for research and technology transfer working in the biotech, pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals sectors.


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