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Afternoons of Innovation

Creating relationships, presenting results, sharing new tools and work models, highlighting criticalities to be tackled and opportunities to be explored.

Afternoons of innovation and life sciences are the most informally organised of proactive encounters, featuring short speeches and direct interaction, helped by a smaller number of participants. These Afternoons are held more frequently because the complexity of life sciences is divided into a wealth of protagonists to be involved and specific issues to be addressed.

The Afternoons were set up as encounters to promote dialogue between sector players with the aim of stimulating networking and the transfer of technology, presenting lines for intervention, calls for proposals and other support tools, discussion of results and best practice, tackling shared problems with the objective of finding shared solutions and new points of view.





If you have something ‘in mind’ that you would like to see as the subject of an Afternoon of life sciences, write to us at

We will be in touch to talk about your proposal!




Distretto Toscano Scienze della Vita The Tuscan Life Sciences District is the regional cluster that groups the companies and public/private system for research and technology transfer working in the biotech, pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals sectors.


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